A dream, a scene, it must be you

I’ll lay my head upon your chest,

Upon your bosom my head will rest

Listen, the beat, one, two, one, two,


Stroke your fingers, through my hair

With every breath, I rise and fall

Your name I speak, I softly call

Kiss me softly, so much care


But from this dream I do awake

I sit up straight, my cheek is cold

Of you I dream, until I’m old

Warmth, from the dream, I could not take


You make my heart warm, and so I smile

Your sparkle, your twinkle, sets me afire,

Extinguish the flames with your desire

To see you I’d walk a million miles


About Christopher Eyles

Aspiring writer, player of video games. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction including some life-based stories.
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