The Call Girl – Part Six (end)

Her heart raced and beat hard.  She leaned forward, pushing onto his chest, resting on him and began to bounce on him.

“Oh, fuck.  Oh Rachel.”

“Mmmm, Kevin.  Are you gonna cum for me,” she said as she looked down into his eyes.

Kevin looked up into her crystal blue eyes, lost his thought for a millisecond and got it back.  He nodded biting his lip, trying to hold back.

“Mmkay babe.  Me too, I’m ready, baby.  Cum for me,” she moaned to him.

He grabbed her hips and thrust up into her hard once, twice, three times, and on the fourth, he pulled her in and held her.  She felt him release inside her as he grunted and moaned. “Ohh Fuckkkkk” cried out Kevin.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming too!” Rachel yelled.  She dug her nails into his shoulders as she felt him shoot out inside her.  He thrust two more times into her and felt her get wetter around his cock. He swallowed and took a big breath.  She gasped for air as she leaned in to him and kissed him.

She collapsed on top of him and he flipped out of her as she leaned forward.  He shaft was soaked and dripped with his juice.  Her lips quivered as she finished her orgasm.  She moaned and kissed him on the cheek.  They lay they, their sticky bodies resting against each other.  She rolled off of him down onto the bed beside him.

“Feel good, hun?” Rachel asked.  Kevin lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling.  He smiled and nodded.  “Good,” she said.  She rolled over to the edge of the bed, sat on the edge and got up.  Kevin looked over at her.  Her firm ass slightly jiggled as she stepped up and walked over to the bathroom.  She bent over to gather her clothes as she made her way to the bathroom.  She got there, turned to close the door behind her and threw a wink at Kevin.  He smile and the door closed.

Kevin lay on the bed, replaying what just happened in his head.  He licked his lips, still tasting her on him.  Several minutes later, Rachel appeared from the bathroom, fully dressed and walked over to the bed where Kevin was, now leaning on his side.   He had his wallet in one hand and a wad of bills in the other.  He handed her the cash and she quickly leafed through it.

“Thanks hun,” she said.

‘Thanks for a fun night,” Kevin said with a smile.

Rachel looked up from the money into his dark brown eyes.  She lost herself for a moment, felt her guard quickly begin to slip, but recovered just as quickly.  “Thank you.  Kevin.”  She turned and walked to the door.  Kevin stayed on his side as she got to the door, opened it and walked out.   The door closed behind her with a click.



About Christopher Eyles

Aspiring writer, player of video games. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction including some life-based stories.
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