The Call Girl – Part Five

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“Oh god, just fuck me baby.  Fuck me!” She moaned loudly.

Kevin sat up on the bed, grabbed hold of his fully erect shaft and shuffled forward.  As he did, Rachel sat up and grabbed his neck.  She pulled him close, grabbing his hair and tugging at him.  She kissed wildly.  Her tongue lashing out to find his and he returned the ferocity of her kiss.  He guided his shaft towards her, reached forward between her legs and slapped it down against her clit.  She jumped and gasped as she felt him against her.  She leaned back, panting.  She lay back down on the bed, resting on the pillows.

Kevin pushed his cock against her pussy.  He pressed the head into her lips.  They spread open to accept him inside.  His shaft was wet from his juice and she was soaked from hers.  He pushed inside her and she writhed in pleasure as she felt him reach inside.

“Ohhh fuck,” Rachel moaned.

“Mmmm, you’re so tight baby,” said Kevin.

“Mhmm,” Rachel moaned, biting her lip.

Kevin grabbed her hips and pulled her into him slowly, filling her up with his length.  She fit him all inside her wet lips pressed against his pelvis.  He pulled back, not fully out, and then pushed back in a little faster this time.  With each thrust she loosened a little for him.  She remained tight around his shaft and her lips hugged onto him as he pushed in and pulled out.  He pumped faster and faster as she moaned louder and louder.  She moaned and he groaned.  The sound of flesh slapping into flesh filled the gaps between their moans.  A wet smacking of skin on skin coincided with the creaking of the bed as Kevin began to pound harder.  Rachel reached up to her breasts and began squeezing them together.  The pulled and rubbed her nipples, stimulating herself as Kevin thrust inside her.  Kevin watched Rachel squeezing herself, feeling her tighten around him as she moved her hips into him.

She had been with numerous men before, but there was something about this one that broke through.  She let her guard down with him, which she never did.  She felt true passion for him as he took her in his hands, as he entered her over and over.  She lost herself in the pleasure.

Their bodies shined in the light from the perspiration. Their bodies were sticky with juices from each.  Kevin kept pushing into her, reaching deep inside her.  He began to slow, and she opened her eyes as he did.  She released her breasts and reached forward to him.  She pushed him out of her, and climbed onto her knees.  She took his shoulders and turned him down onto the bed.  He straightened out and lay flat. Rachel climbed on top of him, raised herself on her knees and hovered over his cock.  She reached down, grabbed the base and guided him back inside her.  She sat down on top of him and as she lowered he pushed up.  She bounced on top of him and he kept her straight, his hands on her hips.  Her hands reached behind her, rested on his legs and steadied her.  She sat down on him again and this time did not raise up.  Instead, she began to grind into him while his cock stayed deep inside her.  He grabbed her hips and pushed into her.  He throbbed inside her, feeling harder than ever before.  She moaned and bit her lip hard, near to the point of drawing blood.  He felt so good inside her.


About Christopher Eyles

Aspiring writer, player of video games. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction including some life-based stories.
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