The Call Girl – Part Four

“Mmmm, yess baby.  That feels so good,” she moaned.  Kevin smiled as he suckled at her breast.  He pulled back and looked up into her face.

Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes sparkled.  She smiled back at him and then leaned back.  She put her hands on his chest and pushed him down onto the bed.  She slid from his lap and onto her knees onto the floor.  She rubbed him through his jeans looking up at him as he lay back, resting on his elbows.  She grabbed and squeezed his manhood through his jeans.  She smiled and licked her lips as she began to unbutton his jeans.

She undid the top button, found the zipper and pulled it down.  She grabbed the waist and pulled it.  Kevin lifted himself up as she pulled the jeans down.  She shuffled them down his legs to his ankles and pulled them off.  She tossed them aside and pushed his knees apart.  She crawled forward between his legs towards his boxers, raised in a tent.  She grabbed him through his boxers, rubbing him up and down with her palm, sliding her hand over the his tip which had moistened the boxers.  She smiled and kissed him through the boxers.  He twitched and throbbed as he watched her.  She looked up at him, looking through her eyebrows at him.  She pulled down his dark blue checkered boxers and tossed them aside.  She smiled as she sat his manhood, fully raised and throbbing.  She grabbed it with her hand at the base, once again he was smooth and bare.  Her hand fit around his shaft and she closed her fingers around him.  She began to stroke him up and down slowly with her right hand as she massaged his package that hung underneath.  She stroked and rubbed and began to lick him.  She licked the tip of his shaft, then licked the bottom and slid her tongue up the length swirling around the tip as she reached it.  She pressed her lips into the tip of his manhood, kissing him before she opened her mouth and took him inside her.  She tasted his sweet and salty juice, his natural lubricant as she took him insider her mouth.  She raised herself onto her knees and rested her elbows on his knees.  She stroked the base of his shaft with one hand and sucked on the rest with her mouth.  She could fit him all into her mouth, but she worked slowly at it, getting him wet and ready.

Kevin watched her work.  He sat up and shuffled forward, now barely sitting on the edge of the bed so that she had more room to pleasure him.  Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft.   He felt her lips close around the his shaft, stroking him up and down as her tongue played with his tip inside her mouth.  It was an incredible feeling he never quite got used to.  The dual sensation was almost too much to behold.  He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled it away from her face.  She reached up with her free hand and helped push the hair to one side as she pushed his shaft against the inside of her cheek.   He leaned back down and closed his eyes.  She felt amazing.

She was the best he had ever had and they had only begun.  It could only get worse but he doubted it would.  He had had sex with several girls before, but it was never this good.   Usually it felt like a chore to him, but not this time.  This time it was pleasure, and he was going to enjoy every second.

He opened his eyes, sat up again and reached down to massage and squeeze her breasts as she sucked on him.  She stroked him, up and down, licking and sucking on his tip just as he had done to her nipples.  She repaid the oral pleasure.  But he wasn’t done yet.  He reached down, and pushed her hair from her face as it had fallen back down from her quickened pace.  She looked up at him, taking him out of her mouth to smile.  He winked at her, and grabbed her under the arms.  He stood her up, stood himself up and then switched positions with her.  He pushed her down onto the bed.  She bounced lightly on the soft, thick sheets, her breasts shaking as she fell.  She smiled up at him and he returned the smile.  He licked his lips, moistening them so the glistened in the dim light from the bedside lamp.

He pushed her up the bed and she rested her head on the pillows.   He climbed onto the bed, pushed her legs open and settled down between them.  Her mound glistened with moisture.  She was wet, she was ready.  He wanted to taste her.  She smelled of fruit, somewhat tropical.  Her perfume or body lotion she must have used before her arrival filled his head.  He leaned in close and flicked his tongue against her pussy lips.  She tasted sweet with a hint of salty tang.  He liked it.  He stretched his tongue out and slid it up along her lips ending with a flick on her clit.  He parted her lips with his next lick and finished with a kiss on her clit.  She was sensitive and she twitched when he touched her clit.  She released little moans as he licked and played with her.  He looked up at her as he slid his right hand up her thigh.  Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip.  The light from the lamp lit her face beautifully, accenting her features softly.  He smiled to himself and returned to the spread legs in front of him.   He kissed her right thigh softly, moving up the leg towards her moist lips.  Just before he reached them, he moved to the other leg, and did the same.  As he kissed her leg, he played with her clit with this thumb.  He reached the lips after the second leg kisses and began to flick his tongue inside her as he toyed her clit.  Then he switched and began to lick and kiss at her clit.  He closed his lips around her and sucked at her.  He licked up her juice and swirled his tongue around and on her clit as he began to slide his fingers inside her pussy.  He began with his middle finger and then the ring finger beside it.  She opened up for him, slowly stretching so allow him to enter inside her.  His fingers reached inside.  She was soft and warm.  He felt her flesh and wiggled his fingers inside her.  He thrust slowly with his fingers as he licked her.

“Ohhh gooodddd,” Rachel moaned.  “Mmmmm  Kevin, baby.  Oh yes, keep going.”

Kevin kept pleasing her, moving his fingers in and out of her, faster and faster.


About Christopher Eyles

Aspiring writer, player of video games. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction including some life-based stories.
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