The Call Girl – Part Three

He slid his left hand over her thigh and squeezed her cheek.   He pushed her hips with his right hand and pulled her over with his left.  She lifted her leg and lowered it on his other side.  She sat on his lap, her skirt hiking up as her legs opened to straddle him.  He looked down as she climbed on him and saw her black lace lingerie reveal itself.  He shifted his weight and pushed his hips into hers.  He felt his bulge rub against her mound.  He throbbed in his boxers, under the tight jeans.  She moaned as she felt him push against her.

He grabbed her hips the steady her on his lap.  She began to grind her hips into him, against him, rubbing his manhood with her body.  She felt him grow beneath her, and pushed her breasts into his chest.  Their lips locked, tongues playfully thrashing at each other.  They swirled around each other, both tongues reaching out for the other and licking and rubbing against each other.  They continued to kiss as Kevin grew harder and larger beneath her.  She felt him as her passion grew, and as he became harder, she became wetter.

Kevin reached down to her thighs as they kissed, and found the bottom of her dress.  He began to pull it up, sliding it up and over her hips.  She leaned back and with a sexy glint in her eye, smiled at him and giggled a light girlish laugh.  Her dimples from her smile reminded Kevin of a girl he had a crush on back in high school.  She leaned back and withdrew her arms from around his neck.  She raised her arms as he slid the dress upward, turning it inside out as he did.  It was tight on her body, but it slipped off with ease, only struggling to get around her large bust.  He lifted the dress over her head and her hair fell back down upon her shoulders.  He tossed the dress to the ground.  She shook her head with a smile, her hair bouncing and falling back into place.  She leaned forward and kissed, pushing him back.

He leaned back, resting on his arms as he stretched them out behind him.   She kissed and then pulled away, her hands searching for the buttons of his shirt.  She found the collar and followed the seams down to the first button. She slipped the button through the hole, and moved to the next one.  She undid the first four and then leaned back in to kiss him as she played with the next few buttons.   When she reached the bottom she pulled open the shirts to reveal his chest.  It was clean, like his face.  Not a hair on it or evidence that there ever was.  She ran her hands over his stomach, and the brief outlines of abs.  he was slim but not thin.  He was tall and his body matched his height.  He was lightly toned and she ran her hands over the subtle muscle lines his body featured.  She ran her hands, palms down stretched out, up his body to his shoulders and pushed the shirt over his shoulders and down his arms.  He lifted and pushed forward, shaking the garment off his wrists and grabbed on to Rachel before the momentum of his move pushed her to the floor.  He caught her and pulled her in to kiss her.

Their tongues wrestled as he worked blindly on her bra.  The black lace bra unhooked as Kevin played his fingers over the clasp.  She leaned away from him and shrugged the bra forward, jiggling her breasts in a pleasing way to Kevin.  She giggled at his smile.  She gathered the bra in her hands and dropped it to the floor behind her.  She leaned forward and pressed against him, her firm breasts squeezing against is smooth chest.  His hands fell from her back, and rested on her hips.  He slid his hands up her body, over her skin.  It was so smooth and soft.  He moved his hands slowly towards her breasts.  He reached them and glided his hands over them.  His hands cupped them from the front, her puffy nipples pressing into his palms.  He squeezed the handful of flesh softly and she moaned in response.  He looked at her face, her reaction to his touch, and back to the breasts and body in front of him.  She closed her eyes allowing herself to be taken in by the passion she felt.  She turned her head sideways, her long brown hair falling and brushing against his hands as he continued to squeeze and massage her breasts.  He kept one hand full of her flesh as he slid the other hand back and took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  He lightly pinched her nipple, pulling at it gently as he felt it firm up in his fingers.  She moaned again in response.  He kissed her lips, her cheek and down her neck.  She sat up straighter, reading where he was going.  He kissed down her neck, across her chest and down over the breast until he reached the nipple.  He swirled his tongue over the nipple, twisting around it slowly and then quickly.  He sucked on it, pulling away and pushing in.  He gently closed his teeth on her nipple, teasing it and pulling it.  He squeezed the breast as he worked the nipple.  She moaned with pleasure and grabbed at his head as he worked.  She ran her fingers through his thick blonde hair and pushed his head into her breast.  He pulled away from the breast he was working on and switched to the other side.  He continued to work, gently sucking and pulling with his mouth while massaging with his hands.  Her breathing was heavy and she felt him gain confidence as the seconds passed.


About Christopher Eyles

Aspiring writer, player of video games. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction including some life-based stories.
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