The Call Girl – Part Two

here is part two of the sex story

Kevin collected his jaw from the floor, swallowed hard and took the breath he didn’t realize he had been holding.  “Uh yeah, yeah.  Please, come in,” he said as he stepped aside, holding the door for her.  She walked in the doorway, reaching up with her hand and running two fingers along his clean shaven jaw line. 

She was tall and slim but not lacking on the top shelf, nor the bottom as Kevin looked when she walked past.  She stepped with emphasis, knowing that he was watching.  He followed the lines of her legs up to her bum.  It was perky and tight, tucked into the dress the same way her breast had been.  The bottom line of the dress came just below the cleft of the cheeks.  Kevin felt his jaw begin to drop again as he watched her pert bum bounce with each step.  He gathered himself, and closed the door behind her. 

She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, crossing her legs.   Kevin nervously walked over to the bed and sat beside her.  She scooched over to him and reached over to his leg.  She began to stroke his thigh, saying “Don’t be nervous hun.”

“I, I’m not nervous,” Kevin lied.  She smiled at him.  Her smile was warm and soothing.  She detected his nervousness and changed her attitude to a more nurturing one.  Her soft smile put Kevin at ease.  “Well, maybe a little.”

“That’s okay hun, don’t worry about it,” she smiled.  “You don’t have anything to worry about.  You just let me get you nice and comfortable and then we see where we go, okay?” 

She is a professional, Kevin thought.  And Damn! She’s fine!  Kev looked at her, into her blue eyes.  He had never seen such beautiful eyes.  They were bright but dark.  The blue was deep and shallow.  Her eyes drew him in and pushed him away.  But he was enthralled.  He was taken in by her beauty.  He smiled at her and said.  “Okay.  I, I just need to get a bit comfortable.  This is new for me,” he said.  She smiled and giggled.  “N-Not the sex.  I’ve had sex before.  But, like, not with anyone so, um, beautiful.”

“Aww thanks hun,” she said.  “My name is Rachel, what’s yours?”


“Well, Kevinnn,” she said, drawing out the last syllable of his name in a soft whisper.  She licked her lips slowly and Kevin swallowed hard as he felt a surge through his body.  She slid her hand up his leg, over his bulge, patting it as she got to it.  “Mmmmm,” she smiled as she moaned, “this looks promising.”  She winked and Kev smiled back at her.  She leaned in close to him and kissed his neck.  He felt her warm breath on his skin as she drew back and kissed him again.  Her right hand caressed his neck as her left hand slid up his body.  Kevin looked out past her at the far wall as she continued to kiss him.  He reached his right hand around her waist and pulled her in closer.  He looked down at her as she pulled back, both hands on either side of his neck.  She looked into his eyes and smiled.  She leaned in and pressed her lips on his. 

He felt the soft plushness of her lips as he kissed her back.  He opened his mouth, lowering his bottom lip and softly pushed his tongue forward.  Her bottom lip lowered and he felt her tongue slide forward and touch his.  


About Christopher Eyles

Aspiring writer, player of video games. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction including some life-based stories.
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