Little Blade

Little blade
So sharp and swift
Makes clean cuts
With a silent pifft
In the air
Of the flesh
It turns the solid into mesh
Sliding out
Sliding in
Pierce the wall and peer within

So precise
So smooth, the edge
A dagger cliff, a metal ledge
So lithe and light
It takes the life
Not meant to be
This slender blade of tempered steel
Has no remorse
It does not feel
It is but metal, dead and cold
But makes a statement
Italic and bold

It may be clean,
It may be quick,
But this little blade
Leaves a path so thick
The viscous fluid
Of the victim’s blood
Runs down the edge
Like crimson mud
It dirties
It soils
It stains the lives
A bloody path
This blade contrives

Metallic shine
This blade can blind
Predator, prey
This blade will bind
In holy union
Of sacrifice
The blood of one
Will not suffice
One little cut
Opens the gates
Of Hell’s damnation.
My soul awaits.


About Christopher Eyles

Aspiring writer, player of video games. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction including some life-based stories.
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